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Monday, August 3, 2009

Yesterday we drove to see the cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde. Being as
adventurous as we are we signed up to take the more challenging tour.
We had to climb a 35ft vertical ladder, crawl thru a 12ft cave that
was 18 inches tall, and climb up a 60 ft mountain. We were feeling
prettybrave until we noticed there were several little kids on the
tour so it must not be that bad. Haha I got a lot of funny and cool
pics on my camera. I took one pic of a dwelling on my phone to upload.

Today was "white water rafting."aka going down the river similar to
the tenacity of the Comal in San Marcus, but we were wearing full life
jackets, water socks and in a giant blue raft with a guide. The little
kids tubing next to us probably thought we were crazy lol! This
journey lasted 4 hours. Even though it was less extreme than expected,
it was still a relaxing float and good chance to meet new ppl. Live
music and dinner with a drive thru the mountains ended the night.

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