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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dogs are doing well too!

Garrett and Haley are married!

Garrett and Haley got married at the end of August. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding. The picture above is the chapel they got married in front of. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding...yes, I said outdoor wedding in August. God was most certaintly with this wedding because believe it or not the ceremony had a cool breeze and everyone was able to dance the night away without feeling uncomfortable from the heat. It was a great time to see Grant's family and get to relax and have fun. Garrett and Haley's friends are all very nice and fun to be around too. Whitney debuted her singing career with a wonderful solo at the reception dedicated to the newly married couple. Decorated with literally a trailor of blue, yellow, and white flowers, the wedding was beautiful. My favorite accent, probably because I wish we had them at our wedding, was the adorable Jones Soda bottles on the table with their engagement photos on them. Their photos were very serene and tinted with natural lights. I thought it fit the both of them very well.

Opening of the new Cowboy stadium

This is a catch up on the last six weeks. I started school and Grant started perfecting his Xbox golf game. He is working a few hours a day for a professor, but generally just perfecting his Xbox golf game. :) My next door neighbor teacher at school, Bill, gave us his tickets to go to the opening game of the new Cowboy stadium. We drove directly from work to the stadium, and then home right after the game. It was a loooong day, but so worth it! We had a blast. The screen is GINORMOUS!! Thats Tony Romo on the screen. :)

Bethany, a fellow teacher, and I are the new cheer coaches for our school. We are having a great time working together on this new adventure. Its really fun but very very time consuming. I never thought I would like it as much as I do. We are also sponsoring a trip to Washington D.C. for our school, so we have alot on our plates currently. Our first pep rally is this week, and we have been busy making sure everything is fun and entertaining.

My mom and dad are coming in to town this coming Thursday. Though I wish it were on better circumstances, I am excited to see them. Houston is so far from Wichita Falls!