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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mom and I pre WF baby shower

Courtney and I in our fancy box seats at the Astros game

Our current babies!

Updates on our house!

May has come and is almost gone!

This has been a crazy last few months. Here is the Jone's family recap:

I got a new job at a new school, Rayford Intermediate, where I will be teaching English and Social Studies to 5th and 6th graders. Though I'm sad to leave my current school, I'm excited to be teaching a new age group---maybe, just maybe they will be a little nicer :), and I'm excited to teach a new subject!

Not only did I attend my first ever baby shower, but it was MY baby shower! Anthea, her mom Janette, and Lauren hosted a wonderful baby shower in Wichita Falls about 2 weeks ago. It was such a blessing to have so many people there that love me. On top of the wonderful registry gifts, we received several hand made quilts, blankets, and decorations. I loved it!

The weekend of the shower was the first time for me to see my mom since she has been in Chicago for her cancer treatments. I think that she was there 7 weeks. From what she has described, she fully loves and appreciates the Cancer Treatment Center of America. They have given her personalized attention, including prayers with doctors, cooking classes, laughing classes, mediation classes, fun excursions to Chicago for shopping and seeing a play, and they escort her and dad to the facility from the airport in a limo! Her latest update was that a new chemo they tried worked on some of the cancer and then didn't work on some of it. Positive and Negative, but its been so long since we've had positive that we were all elated. Praise Jesus!

One week later, my wonderful sister in law, Haley, and our dear friend Courtney hosted a Houston baby shower for couples. It was a totally different dynamic having boys and girls at a shower. I was glad to finally share the gift opening spot light with Grant. We had a great spread of food, gifts, and guests. I was super excited that Grant's parents (grandparent titles TBA), gave us our stroller!! Never knew the things I would one day get excited about...

School is over in about 9 days!! Hooray! Since TAKS has been finished, students are nutzo! We just found out that our prelim TAKS scores are 98% passing so that makes for an awesome year! :) I am also having a baby shower at work on Friday. I love it when they have showers because you get awesome food!

Our house will be completed and we will close next Friday!! Grant and I went today and saw it almost complete. It was so exciting to see it come together. I literally said I did not like it on Tuesday, but they had done so much work by Friday that I loved it! Can't wait to have a house warming party/ welcome to the world Asher party!

I'm 35 1/2 weeks pregnant and counting. I can't imagine this belly getting any bigger, or my feet and hands swelling any larger. Every doctor's appt is more and more exciting because we are so anxious to see his sweet little face. Grant will be the best dad. I think he is actually more excited than I am about being a parent---but this may be just because he doesn't have to actually give birth to the baby. haha