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Sunday, February 27, 2011

February, what a LOVELY month

February may be the shortest month, but it has been our busiest! Grant and I celebrated Valentines Day while Sharon and Glen watched Asher. We went and ate a fancy meal at The Rainbow Lodge, a restaurant that serves wild game. We loved it! Then we went to Sam Houston Racetrack and bet on the horses. I bet the winning horse twice! It was a very fun adult evening.

The next weekend I drove to Wichita Falls and had a great weekend with my dad and Ricky. I also got to see Diane, Stacey's family, Aunt Linda, and Uncle Gene. I loved letting Asher play with Colt, Stacey's baby. I think he is around 14 months now. Asher wore his Valentine shirt that said "Eligible Bachelor" all weekend. I love holiday clothes!

The following weekend, I drove to Dallas and had a girls weekend with some friends. Janie, Katy, Anthea, Lauren, and I had a blast! We stayed in the Hyatt hotel, went to the Spazmatics, which is a popular 80's cover band, shopped, and ate out. We had a wonderful time relaxing in the hot tub and catching up. It had been several years since we were all together in the same room. Despite the speeding ticket I got, it was the most enjoyable weekend that I've had in a while.We reminised and laughed for two days straight.

Yesterday was the Houston Rodeo Cook Off. Kason, Sarah, Charles, Blair, Grant, and I bought tickets to a tent and went down to enjoy the festivities. We all dressed in semi western apparel, but when we got there, we felt like we missed the memo. So many people were dressed in the tiniest western clothes they could find! We laughed about it all night. The atmosphere was rather "club like" rather than western, but it was still very enjoyable. We went into a tent of a teacher friend of mine, called the "Beefy Cowboys." The food was very delicious.  Afterward, we came back to the Ebbs' house and sat by the fire pit. The events and festivities of the night kept surprising us, and it was definately turned out to be another great night with friends.

Today we went to the park with Asher for the first time. He loved the swing and laughed so hard. It was precious! I can't wait to go again. He is becoming such a fantastic scooter. Having not quite mastered crawling, he can spin a circle like a pro. Scooting backwards is starting to become frustrating to him, but its very cute to us! :)

This week is our book club meeting, and Spring Break is only 2 weeks away!!!! I will be traveling to Wichita Falls to visit my dad, and Grant's cousin Artie is marrying his fiance Jen over the break. I'm very excited to go to Galveston for the celebration.

My cousin Stacey, Aunt Linda, and Asher in Wichita Falls

Asher and Colt

Asher's "Eligible Bachelor" Valentine shirt

Lauren at Girls Weekend

Katy and Janie

The five of us at the Hyatt

The Spazmatics---sooo fun!

Our first trip to the park! Priceless afternoon!

Grant and Asher swinging. Grant got mad Asher could go higher. :)

Mommy and Asher