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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our campsite in Durango, Colorado!


  1. After a 12 hour drive and 4 hours of sleep we arrived!! The forcast is rainy but so far sunny! Wood burning fires are not allowed so we were bummed but we brought a propane grill. Wee made sausage and beans for supper. Grant opened the beans with his knife...we are sooo outdoorsy. Afterward Grant broke the propane can and it sprayed everywhere haha it was funny. It was freezing at night but I felt good. Grant forgot a coat so he wants to buy a heater now. :) Sadly Grant lost his wedding ring already but we're hoping to get free stuff now bc pol think we're engaged! Now off to Mesa Verde!

  2. What does it mean if you lose your wedding ring?? haha. I'm j/k. It looks awesome. Yall are really adventurous -- way to go!