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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vegas baby!

I'm enjoying a real bed and shower!!! We bought half price tickets to
go see a Penn and Teller (magicians) last night. Out of all the shows
I've seen here this is one of the best. They do magic and comedy. Best
of all they showed the audience how some of the tricks were done.

At the beginning they had everyone go on stage and sign a paper and
look at a box. Since our half price seats were in the balcony, we had
to go downstairs to do this. Realizing how much better this view was
then ours, I asked the seating attendant if we could move down if ppl
didn't show up. So after slipping him a $10, he moved us to the middle
of the front section! Awesome! Good thing bc for the final act of the
show they asked for volunteers and of course Grant got picked! I tried
to sneak a pic but the stage was real bright. Everyone was coming up
to him after the show asking about the trick. Besides that we have
gambled and layed by the pool. Vegas has been a blast so far.

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