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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Getting in the Swing of things...

Since Asher has been around, we have had tons of visitors! I love seeing people so I think its great! Kristine came from NYC and stayed for about 4 days, my parents have been here twice for a week both times, Grant's family has come over about once a week, I got to spend the afternoon with my wonderful sister-in-law, Haley a few weeks ago, Sarah has been over several times, Anthea has visited briefly, and best of all there was a GMT reunion at our house. (Grant, Mike, and Travis were roommates 3 years in college and therefore became known as "GMT"). I'm very greatful for my friends and family!!

Grant and I let Grant's parents babysit Asher and we went on a date night! It was so fun. We stayed in the Woodlands area and went to places on the waterway. We went to Goose's Acre for an appetizer and a drink, then we went to eat Sushi, and then to a wine bar, Crush. Crush was so swanky and fun. The following statement is true and I kid you not, when we walked in there was a girl wearing "Hello Kitty" boy short panties and a boy wearing briefs. Everyone else was wearing normal cute clothes and no one, besides Grant and I, seemed to notice the scandalously clad couple.

Kristine asked me if Asher was "Bullemic." because he threw up everything he ate. I had to laugh hard at that comment because he does seem to spit up ALOT!. Asher is doing quite well. I am so thankful to my parents for getiing us his swing. He looooves it. He sits in there, stares around, and sometimes takes very long naps. Nestle, our 40lb mutt, was on defense mode lately. He started marking various things in our house. Rah!! Our NEW house! So he is now crated everytime we leave.

Our biggest milestone with Asher as of late is that he is officially potty trained! No, no I'm just kidding, but he did move out of our room, and up to his own bedroom. He has only slept through the night twice in his short little life, so hopefully this will be a good transistion.

Labor Day weekend we went to Wichita Falls to see my mom and celebrate my brother, Eric, turning 21!! With traffic and having Asher it took us about 8 hours both ways. My dad cooked out stakes for us and I took down all the males in my family twice in poker...that includes Grant. :) It was good to see my parents. My mom was very ill, so it make me very greatful that we made the trip. She is currently in Chicago recovering from a heart surgery and about to undergo one more type of chemotherapy. Please continue prayers. She is a fighter, but she is getting weak.

I got back to work in a little over a week. :( Staying home is....awesome! I will miss my time with Asher, but I am looking forward to working at my new school.


  1. I believe dad cooked "steaks" not "stakes". Also, I took way more of your chips than you took mine, hands down! and I took allll of Grant's chips in just one hand like two or three times. I ran that table woman! haha

  2. I hate it when i miss typos! And...all I know is that I had all the chips all the time. Simple math. I won.