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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who needs sleep??. . . um, I do!!

When I was pregnant people presented me with ALL sorts of advice. One precious token was "sleep now, because when Asher gets here, you won't get any sleep." I totally ignored this, and I wish I had listened.

Asher sleeps off and on during the day, and at night he always seems wide awake and in a wonderful mood. Here is a picture of him all swaddled and ready for bed just last night, and as you can see he wanted nothing of it! My parents gave me a Disney music box that was my younger brother's that shines Mickey Mouse and friends rotating on the ceiling while playing, "When you wish upon a star..." and it is great! Asher loves to look at it and make loud noises that eventually turn into loud snores. Grant, being a light sleeper, has become a pro at sleeping with a pillow on his head. :)

Another piece of advice given to me was write down little funny/cute things your baby does because you won't remember all of them even if you think you will. Thus, I have this blog, so I will keep a running list that hopefully Asher can even look back on later in life. So far I love that Asher has started smiling! He started making cooing sounds too and it makes my heart melt each time. He is very calm while getting his hair washed, but horrible when it comes to changing diapers or outfits. He won't go to sleep at night without his swaddle blanket on, so I hope they eventually make those in adult I'm just kidding, but that would be funny. Having traveled from the Gulf of Mexico all the way north to Oklahoma with just Asher and I, I discovered quickly that he does very well in the car. I feel like his car seat is magic. Anytime he sits in it, he falls instantly asleep. Here is a funny adventure we had on our car trip: I stopped at a McDonalds about and hour after feeding him to change his diaper. I think that bathroom changers are extremely germy and gross so I decided to change Asher in the back seat. He was a little upset when I woke him up as I was getting him out of his car seat, so I held him for a few seconds. Upon removing him from my chest, I noticed that there was poop smeared all over my white T-shirt. Great. So I laid the crying baby on the seat that is not flat, but angles just enough to make him slide into the seatbelt fastner. As I go to change this monsterous diaper I realize that I have about 3 wipes that I skillfully used. Feeling rather proud of myself that I handled this so well, Asher then began to pee on the backseat...of course. We changed to a new outfit...yes WE had to change into new outfits inside the McDonalds bathroom.

Recently, my friend Lauren took one month photos of the baby. Here are some of them. She did a great job. After the photo shoot we agreed he doesn't have a modeling career. We couldn't get him to go to sleep no matter how hard we tried, and he successfully soiled 3 blankets during the short photo shoot. It would be a difficult job being an infant photographer!
I did get a chance to spend one week with my parents in Wichita Falls. It was sad being away from Grant for one week but, great to get that much time with my parents. I think that they enjoyed getting that much Asher time. My mom's battle with lung cancer still wages on. She is an inspiration to all people around her. Within a year she has had more procedures, tests, scans, and surgeries than most people have in a lifetime. Her strength and unyielding faith in the Lord is humbling. My dad, her solo caretaker, has been equally as brave. His life has become selflessly devoted to her and her cancer. I feel guilty ever complaining to either of them about my life when they hardly ever complain. I hope that they serve as inspirations to others. My mom is going to be working part time this year at Ben Milam as a Reading Specialist. This is will bring some well needed normalcy to her life. She has more passion for her job than anyone I've ever seen!

Ecclesiasties 7:8
"The end of a matter is better and its beginning, and patience is better than pride."

And on a much lighter note, here are random cute pictures of Asher!
Matching shorts, hat, and shoes!
Our little future Longhorn!


  1. He is soo adorable! He really looks like you in the picture where he is swaddled!!

  2. ^ I was going to say the same thing!!!^
    He looks sooo much like you when he smiles! Probably one of the most cutest babies ever to live ever! I loved what you said about Mom and Dad because that is so true. I'm proud of both of them for being so brave.

    And also, he is not going to texas, he is going to Texas Tech to be an engineer like his uncle :)