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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can it really be?

This title is most appropriate because there have been so many things going on!

1st "Can it really be?" I went back to work! Through a friend at work we found a wonderful German lady to babysit Asher. She keeps 2 other babies and I feel totally comfortable leaving Asher there. Though I must admit, I started choking up when I was explaining his schedule to her on the first day. :( Work is good. I like my co workers, but not too enthused about 5th and 6th graders. They cry everyday!!!!!! I'm sure I'll love them by the end of the year...but right now is a big learning curve.

2nd "Can it really be?" I traveled to Chicago to visit my mom in the hospital. I woke up at 4:30am and Grant dropped me off at the airport...the WRONG airport! I was calling him, texting, and emailing him like crazy, but of course his phone was at home. I took a cab to the other airport and still missed the flight. Anyways, now I can laugh about the mishap, but at 5AM I was not laughing. :) The trip went well. The Cancer Treatment Center of America's hospital and living quarters were unbelievably nice. They pick you up from the airport in a limo, the living quarters are brand new hotels with tons of amenities. The hospital is small and they pay the patients very close attention. I feel like she is in great hands.

3rd "Can it really be?": Asher was dedicated at church on Sunday! We were so proud to hold him up on stage and promise to raise him in the church. This was something that was very important to Grant and I growing up, so we want Asher to have the same experience. He wore a really cute sweater vest and khaki pants...for which he pooped through right before we went on stage! My parents got to come in town, and Grant's parents, brother, sister, and grandmother came. Asher had most groupies!

4th "Can it really be?" Asher is talking up a storm. These are not real words, mind you, but wonderful shrills of gibberish that make us smile. He ROLLED OVER for the first time! He loves to hold my hands and stand up. He sits perfectly in his Bumbo and loves laying on his back looking up at his toys.

5th: "Can it really be?" Grant and I came home last night and our house was broken into. Our TVs, laptop, jewelry, etc was stolen. The items can all be replaced, but it was so creepy and disturbing to think of people going through our home. All the drawers were emptied out, and they even went through Asher's drawers which makes me infuriated. We took work off today and got a security system set up and blinds for our windows.

This has been a very busy time in our lives! We love our family, our dogs, our God and of course, each other. :)
Go Texas!
Asher and Grandma Arme

Papa Arme

Go Cowboys!

Asher rocks the bumbo

When it's sunny I cover up...

When its shady I open up!


  1. He is sooo stinking cute! I can't believe how well he can "stand up!"

  2. hahaha he is so cute! He looks so much like dad in the first picture of you holding him!

  3. oh man honey...your kid is amazingly cute!! i love him! he is definetly looking like your family for sure! i see your brother and dad in him alot! i am in shock at the fact taht your home got broken into....i am so sad and sorry for you guys! i can't imagine how you feel!
    love you all so much!!!

  4. He is SO CUTE!!! I can't wait to see him again! I'm looking forward to our workout!!