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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh how life has changed!

Asher is born! I feel like I was pregnant forever and now he is
finally here! The birth: I was scheduled to be induced June 29th, but
after 25 hours of trying to make the baby come, we had to do a c
section. I was very dissapointed, but glad to have my baby. Turns out
he was bigger than we thought and I was not big enough. Asher Thomas
was born June 29th at 11:43pm weighing 8lbs 2oz and 20.5" long. I have
learned so much since he has been born. I didn't know I knew how to be
a mom, but instinct kicks in. He has big blue eyes that I hope stay
blue. We have had so many guests since we came home. I think he is now
so used to being held that he's cranky when I try to put him down. My
parents have been here twice and then we went to the beach with grants
family. This weekend we are headed to a family reunion with my family.
At the beach he hardly ever cried and I was so proud of him. It is
definately hard to get things done now around the house. I decided to
take the first six weeks of school off. I'm nervous bc I'm at a new
school, grade, and subject.

Since coming home we have had more laundry than I expected and our
home is babified! Grant has been a very hands on sweet daddy. Both
sets of grandparents love him a death. Eric drove 9 hours to come see
him and wanted to hold him constantly. I love that when I wash his
hair it sticks straight up! Haha he has sooo much hair! The dogs are
jealous and not sure what asher is. Though I'm sleep deprived, I'm
loving every special moment.

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