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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Here is a quick catch up and new pics!

About time I updated my blog!! I also added about 10 or so pictures!
You can tell I'm on spring break. Spring break isn't near as fun this
year since grant is working and I'm six months pregnant we can't go
anywhere. Let me explain the pics below. The blury one of the house is
what our home will look like when it's done being built at the end of
May! I'm going to the pre foundation poor inspection tomorrow. I have
one pic of wooden boards on the ground and that is the bottom of the
house framed out.
By popular demand, I did take a pic of my expanding belly. I am now 25
weeks (6months). My belly seemed to pop out over the last 2 weeks.
It's really weird to watch your weight your whole life and then just
see it increase so quickly. It's all for a wonderful reason. :) Asher
has been moving up a storm. I love it when Grant gets to feel him kick.

The pics of my parents are from about a week and a half ago when they
were in Houston for moms Dr. Appt. She is very proud of her quick hair
growth! Daphne is making dad feel very welcome as usual. Those dogs
love them equally as much as us! After some gloomy news from MD
Anderson, my parents have decided to take my mom for another type of
treatment at the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Chicago. They
actually ate driving to OK City today to fly out! Please keep them in
your thoughts and prayers. Cancer sucks.

The pic of the fireworks and screen is from the Houston Rodeo. I went
with 3 other teachers to the Toby Kieth concert and it was awesome.
Years past I've had nose bleed seats, but this year it was so cool to
sit so close! I love watchng the mutton bustin at the rodeo. They put
5 year olds on the backs of sheep and see who can stay on the longest.
It is too cute. I like hanging out with work friends outside of school.

My birhday was last week and by turning 26 I'm now closer to 30 than
20 :(. I asked Grant to make me a homemade meal and it had to be
something he had never made. He totally impressed me by grilling
lobster tail and making king crab legs. It was the best meal I've had
in forever. Since being preggers limits sea food intake I think I'm
good for a few weeks. He got me a "snoogle" which is a long body
pillow for pregnant women and a bbbeeauuuutiful necklace that is a
square topaz and has diamonds outlining it. He is really gifted at
picking out jewelry. I love him for working so hard to support his
family. I hate how many hours he works, but I couldn't be more proud
of him bc while I'm at home complaining he isnt here with me, he is
actually still at the office reading contracts. My mom always says Ive
had angels with me my whole life bc she thinks I'm lucky - I have to
agree with her!

That brings me up to speed now. My goal for spring break is to get
dreaded errands accomplished and set up potential child care for Asher
Thomas. I had nonclue u were supposed to do it so far in advance!

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  1. Someone told me you were going to stay at home with Asher. Your house is going to be beautiful!
    Your mom looks great! I keep her in my prayers. My dad did his last chemo Tuesday, and he gets a month off before radiation. I'm glad for a break for my mom too. :)

  2. I think you picked the most beautiful elevation! Can't wait until May to actually see it.