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Sunday, November 15, 2009

October flew by!

This month in October and early November has been the most eventful time of our lives!
Grant and I went as a ladybug and a jailhouse convict for Halloween...very fitting considering his upcoming career. :) We had a great time at a party hosted by a fellow teacher at Teague, Bethany. We then, most importantly discovered, that we are having a baby!!! The baby will be 1/2 and inch big and 8 weeks old on Thanksgiving! It is totally unexpected and exciting! Whoa!! Then we found out that Grant really was studying all summer long for the Bar and not just goofing around on the internet :) because he PASSED!!! Whew! So glad to have that off our minds. My mom was scheduled to be in Houston for 6 weeks doing a radiation and chemo treatment but plans changed and she will be doing only chemo every three weeks for a while. I cannot wait for her little body to stop going through all of this insanity. It is a surreal feeling to watch your parent suffer. I'm sure they are ready to stop making a 6 hour drive to Houston too!! ughh. Anthea and Lauren came to visit me last weekend while Grant was at Charles' bachelor party. We spent hours shopping and it was great! On Wednesday, Grant and I got a new car! We're so excited! It is a Mercury Mountaineer. We got it from his Great Aunt. Its the nicest car either of us has ever owned. We did some Christmas shopping this weekend with his family, and Grant, Whitney and I went to go see "Something Swell." It is the best concert I have been to in so long!!!! Thanks for the heads up Whitney! And lastly, our house is officially decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving. I love Christmas!!! The above pics are all from the various described events. Happy Holidays!

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