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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Grant's Raising the Bar

This is a site where Grant and I can keep our family and friends updated and give them a chance to comment and keep in touch. I'm not promising that our life is so fantastically interesting that you'll be awake at night awaiting my next day post, but I do promise to keep you updated on our everyday ins and outs.

The most time consuming hurdle for us this summer was most definitely Grant taking the Bar exam. He has been arduously studying since the middle of May. I can never imagine being so diligent with my time like he is. Our loft study area of our town home is covered with stacks of note cards, blue Bar books, and highlighters. Yes, I have agreed to ignore the mess until the test is over. :) Testing can be very tiring and exhausting. As you can see in the following pic where our dog Daphne is taking a nap on a stack of blue Bar books. Grant started the bar yesterday and will finish tomorrow. So far so good!

Grant and I have also been trying to keep in shape this summer. We invested in the workout DVDs called p90x. They are sooooo hard, but its nice to have a shared goal with each other. Grant is perfecting his yoga moves everyday:)

Tomorrow after the dreaded test is over, we head on our first family vacation together! We will be driving to Wichita Falls tomorrow night to drop off our dogs, Nestle and Daphne, with my parents so they can watch them while we're gone. Friday morning we will head to Durango, Colorado and camp for 3 nights. Camping in a tent for 3 days is definitely ruffing it for me! I bought 4 different types of flashlights and packed enough food for a 10 day camping trip. We will go white water rafting one day while we're there. The water is supposed to be freezing. After that we will move on to a B &B at the Grand Canyon for one night, and then to Treasure Island in Las Vegas for 3 nights. We will sum up our road trip adventure at a Golf Resort, where I will try my best to beat Grant in golf, in Tucson, Arizona. Then back home and kiss summer goodbye! Work starts immediately for me, but Grant has a nice vacation until November when he starts with Baker Botts.

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